About Us

The journey begun in 1940’s when Munagala family started manufacturing of Mangalagiri Handloom Sarees (మంగళగిరి పట్టుబడి చీరలు) in the name of M/s Munagala Mangaiah and Sons, with a trademark of శ్రీ దుర్గా శారీస్.(Shree Durga Sarees).

Registered Trademark of Shree Durga Sarees

It was the vision and hard work of our grandfather late Shree Munagala Mangaiah Garu that has set us as market leaders in the Mangalagiri Handlooms industry.

Shree Munagala Mangaiah Garu

The second generation of our family Shree Munagala Venkateswara rao and Munagala Seetha rama swamy continued the legacy in the name of M/sMunagala Mangaiah Sons with the trademark of శ్రీ దుర్గా శారీస్.

The third generation of our family continued the legacy in the name of M/s Aruna Chenetha Vastralayam in the year 2001 by Munagala Gopala Krishna son of Munagala Venkateswara Rao garu.

Munagala Gopala Krishna was got training under the blessings and guidance of Shree Chintakrindi Radha Krishna Garu in craft of weaving.

Shree Chintakrindi Radha Krishna Garu

In 1986 under the guidelines of Shree Janjanam Reddyaa and Shree Tammishety Rama Krishna, Shree Chintakrindi Radha Krishna Garu maked sample of Mangalagiri Sarees with hf zariborder,and also made fabric for dressmaterial in plain.

It is that spirit we have received from the great man which keeps us moving even today.

We M/s Aruna Chenetha Vastralayam, started online business in the name of JEEVAN HANDLOOMS.

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